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Since 19 september, 2012

Quality Assurance in Education.

The National Education Act BE 2542 requires that a quality assurance study. The quality and standards of education at all levels. Including quality assurance system in education. And external quality assurance system. Quality assurance system. As part of the administration to be processed continuously. The preparation of the annual report submitted to the agency. Relevant agencies. And is open to the public, the administration's education. Joint Staff College. Defence Academy. Is required to comply with the National Education Act. Therefore, the study of Joint Staff College. Defence Academy. It must take into account the standard of education both within and outside the army. To use a standard approach to quality assurance. Of the Staff College. Academic institutions that have made this defense. To guide the implementation and dissemination to the public. Collection procedures, the study suggests that the practice is even more substantial as well as international standards. The quality of education has made it clear. The approach is to detect defects. At each step of the process of teaching and learning, which will be helpful to use the information to improve. The education and development to progress to more advanced even more.

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