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National Defence Studies Institute
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National Defence College
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Applied Psychology Institue
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Strategic Studies Center
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Armed Forces Academus Preparatory School
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Melitary Technical Tranining School
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Since 19 september, 2012

motto Vision Mission philosophy Resolution


All Servies As One



Education training institutions. Academic excellence with a focus on leadership.

Military forces of the United States high-level strategic knowledge allows. The joint strategy and mixed strategy.



To educate selected senior officers of the Army, Navy, and the Air Force in military aspects of the national security and in joint and combined operations in order to prepare them for duty in higher echelons of the Armed Services and joint and combined commands.



Philosophy of education. Of the Joint War College. Based on the motto. That college." All Servies As One" Although the army committed "by the participants study the following concepts.

1. One. Disciplinary purposes of public interest, taking into account the interests of the defense as a whole. Furthermore, these strategies only to benefit themselves.

2. Two. Principles and how important the details are understood and recognized as a problem.

3. Three. Were free to leave a comment.



Prasat science in the national strategy. Military strategy. Strategic defense strategy to the mix, the director of strategic level. And other technology will be useful in planning and strategy director for national security. Ability to command and staff level. As well as the Joint Staff of the United States Army. As well as the military activities in conjunction with the National League.









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