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National Defence Studies Institute
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Since 19 september, 2012

โครงสร้าง วิทยาลัยเสนาธิการทหาร

As the Joint Staff College is a subordinate unit of National Defense Studies Institute and the Supreme Command, the Commandant of the College exercises the authority of a commander of a unified command over the activities of the College in accordance with the principles established by the Supreme Command.

Administration Division

Carry on. Structure of the ad hoc development of administrative bureaucracy, the clerk of the security forces. Public relations The production of text books. Maintenance and support equipment to the library to study transmission and other services.

Education Developmentand planning Divistion

Director of planning, coordination and administration according to plan curriculum and educational programs. The statistical analysis. Evaluation. And preparation of curriculum development.

Joint Staff Academic Division

The study of knowledge. In the Joint Chiefs in both normal and abnormal.

Joint and Combined Operations Academic Division

Provide training and education. / ผสม About the joint / combined.

Technical Affair Division
Education in science-related issues. Academic strategy. The co-operation. Military doctrine. The art of leadership. Principles of Management.And modern science. Military leaders should know.

Strategic Academic Division

Education about National strategy. Military strategy. Factors that have an impact and threat to national strategy. And national security. In the military, political, economic, social psychology, geography, history, science, and technology.

Research and Thesis Division

Education about Writing research papers, personal And establish rules related to writing research papers.

Wargame Modeling and Simulation Division

Responsibility for the maintenance plan. And implement joint theater level simulation training strategy. Support the training of the unit. Command and the Army. Including the development of the readiness of the United States Army. เพื่อใช้ทางยุทธการ For the battle.



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