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Since 19 september, 2012


After the Second World War, it was recognized that any large-scale of military operations in the future world would involve in a joint effort on a combination of two or more of armed Services : no one Services had an adequate comprehension of the capabilities and limitations of the others for sound planning or command action. It was necessity to establish a permanent institution for the purpose of educating selected officers of the Army, Navy, and the Air Force in joint operations, with the view to promote mutual understanding as well as close cooperation between the Armed Forces.
In 1949, the Minister of Defense directed the Defense General Staff Department, which became the Royal Thai Armed Forces Supreme Command at present, to establish the Royal Thai Armed Forces Staff College. Due to various difficulties the founding of the College could not materialize until 24th April 1956, when the planned organization of the College was approved by the Council of the Defense.
As planned in advance, a course of six-month duration every other year had been initiated at the beginning state. In accordance with disturbing situation in South-east Asia, the Royal Thai Armed Forces Supreme Command promulgated its policy order to meet the growing needs of the armed Services. Thus, in lieu of every other year, one eight-month course is now given each year since the third class.
At present day, it is a ten month curriculum with the total of 1,200 hours.



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