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National Defence Studies Institute
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Since 19 september, 2012

Joint Staff College
The study

The scope of instruction includes :
1. Characteristics, organization and employment of the Armed Services and the relationships of those Services to each other with adequate expositions of their respective capabilities and limitations.
2. Principles involved in the unified command organization and the organization of joint and combined commands and staffs, including their responsibilities and procedures.
3. Organizations, composition, and functions of joint and combined commands with respect to the following : strategic, tactical and logistics responsibilities of the Commander; and the organization and composition of current major combined commands.
4.  Aspects of joint and combined operations, including command relationships, organization and planning.
5.  Military, political, geographical, historical,    economical, psychological, ideological and other factors affecting national strategy, and including threats to the security of Thailand and allies.
6.  Military strategy, combined strategic planning, military programming and military budgeting.
7. Research and collection of documents to present the idea, students are required to write a formal research   paper.
8. To research the value and benefits received from domestic and foreign field trips for educational     development and preserving the military of national  security.



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